Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Chapter

We are leaving for China in less than two months. I can't believe how fast time is going. Some days I'm so excited and other days I'm really sad to leave our life here. We have lived here a little over 6 yrs and out of all the places we've lived, this is what I consider to be "Home", well except for Logan(which will always be home). I've lived in Asia. First time I went I was 19 yrs old, second time I was 21, third time I was 24. Now at 42, I've lost some of that "nerve" that I had each time I went to Taiwan to teach English. I was so adventurous. I guess I still am to a degree or I wouldn't be moving to Beijing with my family. I think that's the key though, I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't with my family. A couple things have already happened that have made me realize that this move(18-24 months)has already opened doors to some new friendships and opportunities. First, I was looking online about 1 1/2 months ago for blogs written by people who have either lived in Beijing or who are living in Beijing now. I came across a single woman's blog that is from Tennessee and who lived in Beijing for 3 years. She wrote an amazing blog about her time living in Beijing and about all the things she did there. I really admire her because she traveled so much within China, she pretty much spent the majority of her time with people from China and Beijing and she experienced everything. Her name is Teresa and we've become really good friends through email and FB. I ask her all kinds of questions and she writes back and gives me all kinds of great information. Come to find out she was an extra in one of the "Work and the Glory" films. She is going to be in Beijing in March and I look forward to meeting her in person and hanging out with her. Secondly, Mark's work is being so generous with what they will pay for that we felt like it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up on. Our kids get to go to a private school with amazing benefits, they will pay for Kiah to come over while she's not in school and they will pay for our housing, which during this time in our lives we(as is the case for all of us)need a break from a huge house payment. I don't mean to brag but instead want to say how grateful I feel for this opportunity. It's a blessing in disguise so to speak. It came at a good time in our lives and I truly feel is going to be an experience filled with so many wonderful possibilities. I am going to miss home like crazy, our friends and family, our church congregation here. I'm sad but it's such a short time really that it will be over in no time and we will be back in Issaquah hanging out with friends again.I guess I shouldn't say this is a new chapter because it's not like my chapter of living here in Washington is over. Maybe I should say it's a new book and my life here in Issaquah is a really good one(like a good book) and I've just sat it down for a minute to check out this new book. That's pretty much what I do anyhow. I always have a few books going at one time. I'll be posting about our life in China, I will keep everyone updated and for those that can or want a big adventure, come visit. PLEASE!