Sunday, February 22, 2009

A family that hangs out at the beach together, stays together ;)

Here is my favorite family photo we took at the beach this past weekend. It's very hard to get Miles to stand still long enough for us to get a family shot. Most photo's of the family maybe three of us are looking at the camera but Miles is always this blur. This one turned out though, so it's worth posting. Notice how bundled up Mark, Kiah and I are and then look at Sofi and Miles bare feet. I don't know how they handled it? They were so cute at the beach though. Miles was totally into his kite, Sofi was intent on making a castle and Kiah hung out and talked to Mark and I. It was a great day in Ocean Shores.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a mom and her girls

Who knew life could be so good? Growing up I never thought I'd have such a wonderful family, such great kids and a great husband. I had hoped but I didn't think it would be this good. I really don't have much to say except that I feel really grateful today for my kids and husband. I can't say that having girls is any better than having a son, they are equally wonderful. I love the bond I have with my girls though. Sure we have our differences at times but I love who they are and who they are becoming. Kiah will graduate 2010 and then off to school somewhere. Sofi has 1 1/2 years left of elementary school and then will become a middle school girl! I'm cherishing the moments I have with them, trying to impart whatever words of wisdom I have . Aren't they dang cute? I think so. Kiah loves to talk, tell me every detail of her day, kids at school, boys etc.... Sofi wants me to do crafts with her the minute she gets home until she goes to bed. She likes to talk but not as much as her big sister. Sofi is more soulful, likes to stare out the window and think. Kiah like I said, loves to talk, talk, talk. I'm not complaining. I value the time we have to talk, she has been that way ever since she was little. Kiah cries at movies, laughs hard and is sensitive. Sofi loves to learn, do gymnastics, but to find humor in something it has to be really funny or quirky funny and then she will laugh out loud. I love my girls and I love Miles of course but this is all about the Griffith gals.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Color of Water: A Black man's tribute to his White Mother

This is the title of the last book we read in the book club I'm in. It's written by James McBride and I loved it. I've been telling everyone about it. James writes about his life growing up in Harlem, his life with his siblings and how he saw his mom as a child and then later as an adult. At the beginning of each chapter is an interview of James Mother, Ruth McBride.
She tells about her life growing up with an abusive Jewish Father who treated her mother terribly. She meets her first husband and is disowned by family because he is Black. She converts to Christianity and with her husband co-founded a Baptist church. Her and her first husband had 8 children and James McBride is the last of those 8. His Father passed away before James was born. Later Ruth marries again and with her second husband, raises 12 children. The second husband also passed away leaving Ruth to raise the children by herself. Ruth raises her children to go to the best schools, sometimes busing them all over NY to the best school for each individual child. She raised 12 children that went on to become Doctors, Teachers, Writers, all having successful careers. She is an amazing woman. She was married to two amazing men, who loved her and gave her the respect she never had growing up. I think she is a testament to faith, unconditional love, perseverance and hard work. James gives his Mother a beautiful tribute. If I could be a sliver of what she is as a Mother, then I will feel I have accomplished something. It's a wonderful book, touching, funny at times and one I would recommend to anyone.