Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Embarrassing moment in Beijing!

I might embarrass myself for posting this experience but here it goes. On Monday I needed to head over to Walmart (yes there is a walmart in Beijing)to buy products of the female variety. When my friend Beth and I got there we went into the store but found out real soon that it was more like Macy's, high priced and fancy. Yes once again this is just Walmart, no Mary Kate and Ashley clothing being sold here. We went back outside a bit confused and wondering where to buy the feminine products. All around the city they have information booths set up for the Olympics and have kept them up for the Paralympics. Most of the people speak some English. We made our way up to the Information booth wanting to only ask where a pharmacy might be. There were about 5 women and one teenage boy in the booth. Lucky for me the only person that could speak English in the booth was the teenage boy! We asked where a pharmacy was and he wanted to know what we needed. We said medicine and he wanted to know what kind. He would not let it go! Beth asked if any of the women could speak English and the guy kept telling us he could help us and kept saying "I can help you, trust me." Beth in all her glory said " we need feminine products" then the teenage boy replied " oh you mean padsssssss(litterally drew out the ssssss forever)." It was embarrassing and hilarious. We were then informed that if we went behind the fancy Walmart there was a Walmart grocery store and I could buy the "padsssssss". Then the teenager turned to the women spoke some Mandarin and they all laughed. It was a great moment in my trip to Beijing. We went to the right Walmart where you could buy anything from live turtles (for turtle soup) to feminine products (thank goodness). We had to walk past the information booth on our way out to get to the subway and the whole group smiled and waved at us. I swear the teenage boy had an extra big smile on his face. I'm sure he had a good story to tell his friends. It was comical if anything. One to go down in the books or in a blog.


Heath694 said...

HILARIOUS! You poor woman! What a great story.

Brenda said...

That is great! I know I am looking forward to menapause!

Lou said...

Thanks for the laugh..he he.