Sunday, February 22, 2009

A family that hangs out at the beach together, stays together ;)

Here is my favorite family photo we took at the beach this past weekend. It's very hard to get Miles to stand still long enough for us to get a family shot. Most photo's of the family maybe three of us are looking at the camera but Miles is always this blur. This one turned out though, so it's worth posting. Notice how bundled up Mark, Kiah and I are and then look at Sofi and Miles bare feet. I don't know how they handled it? They were so cute at the beach though. Miles was totally into his kite, Sofi was intent on making a castle and Kiah hung out and talked to Mark and I. It was a great day in Ocean Shores.


holli zollinger said...

true that! i love the blogs new look!

Heath694 said...

I love this picture. Miles looks too cute...that smile!!! I'm so glad is was sunny and beautiful for you guys!