Wednesday, July 15, 2009

U2 and MRI's

You might ask what U2 and MRI's have in common? Nothing would be my answer. Last week though I had my first MRI (of my right ankle that I hurt in Mexico). I'm very happy that it was my ankle and not my head or body because I think I would maybe go insane or need some drugs to sedate me a little before hand. I was very happy that I could choose music to listen to for the 45 minutes that I had to lay completely still. I chose U2 but it was a toss up between that and Bob Marley. I was afraid I would want to dance a little if it were Bob so I went with U2's greatest hits. It helped and I was so glad that I could listen to music to tone down the loud sound of the MRI machine. Have you seen one of those before? They are huge and so loud. As I lay there on the table being completely still yet holding on to a buzzer thing that I could push if I needed help (yet was told not to because they would have to stop the procedure), I kept thinking that it would be something simple like a sprain and nothing more. Unfortunately it's not something simple like a sprain and I have to have surgery on the 11th of August. I ruined some of the cartilage in my ankle and some of the ligaments. How bizarre is this though. They will drill into the bone and let the blood seep out into my ankle which it will form new cartilage. He also has to repair some of the ligaments. If that surgery doesn't take, then they will take cartilage from a cadaver and place it in my ankle/foot. How fun does that sound? Tons, I know. I then will be on crutches for 6 weeks, the boot after that for a couple weeks and then physical therapy.
I have a great orthopedic surgeon though that a friend referred me to and I feel completely safe in his hands. Unfortunately the podiatrist that I went to before him told me it was just a sprain and to wear the boot for a week and then take it easy. I wont be going back to him any time soon. I'm not looking forward to surgery. I have a bit of a fear of surgery and being put under. I'm glad though to be getting my foot worked on and hopefully strengthening it. I can think of funner things I'd rather be doing this summer but I know it will be better in the long run. If you have any movie(DVDs) or book suggestions send them my way. I will have plenty of time to watch them and to read.


One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

Aw, Stacey, that's a bummer! I'm so sorry. A mom on crutches + a young family = frustration. Jenna was 3 mo old when I was on crutches for 3 weeks then the boot for 3 weeks. Paul was 22 months. Man, that child knew just how far the crutch reached and how fast I could chase! Gratefully, you have terrific kids and a super hubby. They will take great care of you. Hugs and best healing wishes.

PS: Beside the obvious blockbuster movies, these are my favs: Joshua, Facing the Giants, and Sabrina. First two are motivational, to me, and Sabrina, (original or remake) just darn cute and light.

Mark said...

Sorry I wasn't around for the MRI, but now your on your way to recovery. One day at a time, remember you've dine hard things before.

Heath694 said...

MRIs are not fun. I had to do several for my back and then my feet. But I have to say, bone scan's are worse so consider yourself lucky to not have to do that. It makes me feel especially bad for my sister who had to do an MRI each month while going through radiation therapy. I would seriously go cuckoo if I had to do that. I don't like tight spaces.

Sorry to hear about your surgery...even though it's already over. I hope you're feeling better. Being off your feet for long periods of time is the worst. I never want to do that again. Still trying to lose that 10 pounds I put on.

PS sorry if Dr. Young told you your ankle was just sprained since I referred you to him...but I found out the hard way that he wasn't up to much myself and was glad to see a better orhtopedic podiatrist. Now I'm completely out of pain 17 months after my final surgery. Hang in there. It will get better but boy, does it take a long time to get better. Be patient and exercise it A LOT and gradually. Best wishes for a fast recovery.