Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This will be my last blog post from this site. Mark has set up a new blog for us to use while in China. I guess I wont be able to use this one while we are there. Words that pop into my mind to describe how I feel right now are; excited, sad,bittersweet,trusting,discombobulated,happy,in limbo,sentimental,sick to stomach,optimistic,in disarray,frustrated,loved and so many more emotions. Oh, and emotional(just to forewarn everyone). I know everything will be alright and that we are making a good decision for our family at this time. I will keep in touch with everyone, maybe not through FB but emails and maybe even snail mail. Could any of you that read this send me your home address. It's been so long since I've sent an actual letter but I remember loving sending and receiving them when I lived in Taiwan, of course that was pre-email so it might not be as exciting. Zaijian peeps.

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Mark said...

The new blog is here :