Saturday, December 27, 2008

My cutie Mom!

My mom and dad are visiting for Christmas, they are both 78. They can't do like they use to which is part of life but also sad at times to see. They can't drive for long periods, my mom can't see very well and they both can't hear the greatest. Again, it's part of life. What I'm getting at is that we have to improvise and think of other ways to entertain them or things to do while they are here. Last night I started asking my mom about some of her favorite memories as a kid at Christmas time. She can remember tons of stuff from when she was little. My Mom said that one thing she loved at Christmas time was that her mom would cook and bake yummy foods. Her mom was a great cook, my mom is a great cook and unfortunately it was not passed on to me. Sigh! I think I have it in me if I would just care enough to bake as much as my Mom did. My mom had two sisters. Nin(Virginia) and Toots(Ruby). My Aunt Nin was 10 years older than my mom and was out of the house going to school and then going on a mission and my mom and Toots were the only ones at home. My Mom has brothers but they were also gone off doing their own thing. My aunt Toots was 8 years older than my Mom but they were close. The memory she told me was so sweet and cute and I can just picture it in my head.
She said that one Christmas Eve her and Toots (given the name because my mom said that's what Toots did a lot, ahem.... if you know what I mean)were jumping on their beds too excited to go to sleep. She said that when they were jumping they were singing "Jump in bed and cover up your head because Santa is coming tonight." Then they went to jump under their covers and smacked heads. She said they were laughing to hard to even cry but that the next day they both had big bumps on their foreheads. I love that this was her favorite memory because Toots was my favorite Aunt and she was spunky (despite her MS) and I can just see those two laughing and laughing. Toots had a very contagious laugh and so does my mom. In this photo, My mom is on the right and Toots is on the left.


♥Shally said...

Your mom sounds awesome.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Hope you had a great Chrismas!

Mark said...

Its always nice having your parents around for the holidays, its going to be a dilemma next year....

Peterson said...

Hard to watch loved ones age -- going through the same thing with my grandparents. The little kid in us all expects them to somehow go on unchanged and vital forever.

It's great though to spend the holidays with family, and great to hear their remembrances from the past. There's always stories to be told.

Great to read about your family and see that you've found so much happiness since our high school days.