Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Congratulations, you are Blue"

I took the color personality quiz today. Winter break boredom might be getting to me. After so many questions (that I was suppose to answer with my first thought, not analyzing the question at all)the test told me my color is Blue. I'm pretty happy with that. Blue is a good color, it's always been a favorite. I like a lot of things that are blue. Like blueberries, bluebells,smurfs,cookie monster etc.... Do I have to agree with everything it says if your color is Blue? I agree with some of it. Here are the things I agree with.
1. "Blues" seem to genuinely connect with others
2.Everything "Blues" do is quality-based
3.We are loyal friends, Employees and Employers
4.They pay close attention to life's special events
5."Blues" are dependable and thoughtful(I like to think I'm both of these, I try to be)

I don't agree with these things but then maybe I don't agree because they are true.
1. It said that "Blues" are sainted pit bulls. Nice.
2. They never let go of something or someone once they've committed.
3. We can be self-righteous and moody(ok, the moody part might be true)

I like this last part on the definition of what it means if you are the color "Blue".
It says "Stacey, your personality profile indicates that you have significant portions of other colors in your overall makeup that help shape your unique personality style."

Not that I'm telling anyone else what to do but if you take the color personality test, let me know what your color is. I'm curious if I have any other "Blue" friends out there. If not, no worries because I love all colors. Well puke green has never been a favorite.


Mark said...

I took it myself just now (a little too long I think) and I am blue as well! I guess we were meant for each other. :)

Denese said...

I'm blue, too — 64.01% blue. Hopefully the other 35.99% of my personality isn't too awful.

Happy New Year!

Linda said...

I'm Blue.

staceygriff said...

A friend of mine is "white" but seems like everyone else I know is "blue" so what's up with that?

johnny368 said...

Me...through & through blue!