Friday, April 3, 2009

Allergies, Smallergies

I have been consumed by sickness and allergies for a few weeks now that I haven't felt like doing anything. I hope I am coming out of my fog. There is some questionnaire thing floating around on facebook recently and one of the questions was "have you ever hit rock bottom?" I think being sick these past three weeks has definitely been the bottom of something for me. I find it interesting that the first day that I feel some normalcy that we had snow in the morning and then sun ever since. Does anyone else suffer from allergies and have asthma? What do you do during allergy season? Or are you like some of my friends that have never had seasonal allergies a day in their life(I'm not asking that with bitterness at all, ok maybe a little :) ). I'm so excited for summer though. I can't wait to have all the windows open, the sound of bees buzzin' and birds chirping. Bring on the sun!


Holly said...

Allergies stink! I first got them when I was a senior in h.s. and I thought I was dying from some rare tropical disease. They change every season and the only med that ever worked well for me was pulled off the market about 10 years ago. I now have chronic red eyes and I hate it! Spring and fall are the worst for me. (I didn't know you had a blog. I found it through a comment on Kimi's.)

staceygriff said...

Holly, what med did you take? I take Allegra D which works a little. We were in victoria,BC last week and they sell it over the counter. Can you believe that? I bought a box. It's the same thing which I think is strange. I hope yours are better and if my eyes would just stop itching and burning it wouldn't be so bad. I haven't worn any eye make-up in a month. I can't even put anything under my eyes to cover up the red from the allergies. It sucks.