Sunday, April 19, 2009

My baby is growing up!

Miles lost his first tooth this past week. His permanent tooth had popped up behind his baby tooth and the baby tooth had been loose for a while. Sofi came home one day and told Miles that his baby tooth was bleeding and could she wipe it with some toilet paper? He is not wise to the ways of an older sister that has had this same trick pulled on her by her dad. She grabbed the tooth of course and yanked it out without him knowing that she did it on purpose. He just thought it came out on it's own. He was so excited and is still excited that he lost a tooth and had the visit from the Tooth Fairy ( 5$ was not my idea, that was Mark's). Sofi sewed a little pouch for him to put under his pillow for the tooth to go in. It was very cute to watch Sofi get all excited and to get Miles more excited than he already was. It's amazing how fast the teeth start to move. His big one is already moving up to where it's suppose to be. Now another is popping up behind a baby tooth. I think the kid is going to need braces. For right now though I'm enjoying these 1st's with my youngest and trying not to think about the day when he will be bigger and when he's not my baby anymore.


Heath694 said...

What a cute picture of Miles! I dare say he IS excited to have lost his first tooth. Please do not tell Isaac about the $5. I don't want him getting any ideas. He doesn't get money yet and thinks a quarter is enough to buy us all dinner!! Anyway, sorry your baby is growing up; mine is too and it's sooooo hard!

Heath694 said...

BTW: I'm loving your new layout and music. Lazy Eye is one of the songs I love on Guitar Hero!!!