Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hubby did good!

We love to make shakes and smoothies(one child in particular-Sofi). We were saddened the day the blender died. Shortly after that Mark and Sofi were visiting our friends the Woodhouse's and she had a mixer that Sofi HAD to run home to tell me about. It's the Elite Cuisine Mixer.
Sofi thought it was so cool because it comes with :
-Four tall cups
- Four spill-proof lids
- Four foam-grips
- One tall blending cup
- One small grinder cup
- Two stainless steel blades
- One main motor base
You can attach a tall cup to the base(upside down) and blend your drink, oh and it has the spill proof lid. When done take your drink off and either use a straw with it or take the lid off. It can blend and mix drinks, chop nuts, grate cheese and I'm sure a plethora of other amazing things. I hinted to Mark that it would be a nice gift to get for Christmas. He heard my hint and I got the Elite mixer for Christmas. The only bad part was that so many things were coming in the mail before Christmas (since we do most of our shopping online, we can't stand the stores during the holidays) that I opened the box with my gift in it, thinking it was one of my boxes. Oh well, we still wrapped it and put it under the tree. It's very cool though. I've lost count of how many smoothies Sofia has made. She is quite the little cooker and maker of yummy things. I don't want to plug products on here but if your blender gives out on you one day, give this one a try. Very, very cool.

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