Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's been an off week!

I've been having a really off week. For many reasons. Some I'd rather not go into. What I will tell you about though is my Amazon ordering and the mistakes I've made. We like to order our food from Amazon fresh and have it delivered early in the morning around 6am and we don't have to be up to sign anything when they drop it off.The items that need to be kept cold are kept with ice bags and so they can stay outside for a while before we even get to them. I also like Amazon fresh because anything over 30$ is free delivery and we always order over 30$. Because of some other things that went on this week that kind of threw me off, when I ordered my items I wasn't exactly thinking correctly. First was when I thought I ordered two boxes of Cinnamon toast crunch cereal and got a big box of 24 boxes. We do love Cinnamon toast crunch but still it's going to take us a while to eat it all. Second was when I ordered two 6 packs of coke(which I should be ordering diet not regular) and got 4, 6 packs instead. I do not need that much coke. Like I said I should be drinking diet coke instead. Hopefully next time I order my brain is working a bit better. I'm just grateful for websites like amazon fresh so that I don't have to shop all the time. It's one of my pet peeves. Plus I discovered one of my new favorite popsicles on amazon fresh and the kids love it as well. You should try it out. It's yummy.
P.S. You have to like the Acai fruit. It's not overly strong in this bar like it is in other products so you don't have to totally love it. Like my husband doesn't totally love it, but loves this bar. I have to hide the box in the freezer from my 5 year old son because he will eat it all gone, but he is a really good eater. Not your typical 5 year old. Try it though and let me know what you think.


staceygriff said...

I know this is kind of a downer to put this on my blog but I thought I would mention it anyhow. I'm asking if you can send prayers to my sweet niece Jenny Scott. What threw me off last week and caused me to have an off week was that her boyfriend killed himself last week. Jenny is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life. She should be married and have a couple kids by now because she deserves it and I would've thought she would have met someone that would want to marry her and raise a family with her. Instead she met her boyfriend who she moved in with. He wouldn't commit to marry her, which she really wanted. After a couple of years she broke it off and moved out. The next day he killed himself. His family is blaming her and being very rude about it. She is the kind of person who wouldn't be rude to her worst enemy. She is having a very hard time and I feel so sorry for her. I'm sad for his family and for Jenny. It's thrown me a bit. I'm asking if you could all keep her and Jess's(her boyfriend)family in your prayers. Thank you.

Heath694 said...

What a nightmare!!! I will definitely keep her in my prayers and the family as well. This is a horrible tragedy.

On a lighter note, I too hate grocery shopping. is a life-saver.