Friday, October 22, 2010

Hanging out in Luxembourg, Luxembourg

I don't have any photo's yet to add to this post but I wanted to get some thoughts out. We have been in Luxembourg for three days now and tonight we leave for Paris. I'm a bit nervous because of the strikes and riots that are going on but we are hoping (based on what people have told us) that the Parisians will take a break for the weekend and not riot, instead go spend some time with their families and relax from all that striking and fighting with the police. I hope! I'm missing the kids a lot. You think you wont because as a parent(and especially a mom) you are kind of ready for a vacation but then of course you realize how much you miss their cute little faces and getting hugs and kisses from them. That's how I'm feeling today. I miss my kids.:(
I love Luxembourg though and the people. I love how they speak both French and German and in their conversations they will go back and forth in both languages. I can pick out certain words in German and understand a tiny bit what they are saying but then the French flies right over my head. I'm really excited to see Dagmar and her family next week. I'm tagging along with Mark as he goes from city to city in Germany meeting some of Germany's biggest sellers with Amazon. It's a coincidence that the last town we visit is only 1/2 hr from the town my host family lives in. The Hagerbaumers are picking me up next Thursday and taking me out to lunch and to hang out with them. I haven't seen them since I was 17, yet we have kept in touch every Christmas. Dagmar's parents send my parents a card every year. They are good people.
You don't realize how young of a country we live in until you go outside of the US. I love all the old churches here, the fort that goes right through the city and I love all the cobblestone streets, though they are making me feel a bit lopsided for some reason. Things I like so far on the trip; being with Mark,the people(saying Merci goes a long way here),croissants, croissants and croissants. Things I don't like; being away from family,not being able to speak French and that everything seems very expensive. That's vacation though, right? Hope this finds everyone well.

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