Sunday, October 3, 2010

Times they are a changing

Sofia started 6th grade this year(middle school,oh my)atI MS. What a big change for her. I think she looks too young to be in Middle School, as do a lot of her friends. Sofia said to me one day "middle school is going to be fun, right mom"? What was I to say " No, it was some of the worst years of my school years"! Instead I told her it was a lot of fun and she would love it as well. Now almost a month later, she does love it. She doesn't love all of her teachers (who does?) but she likes going from class to class, she has some great teachers(one being a neighbor of ours) and she's made some new friends. Maybe she will be the 1st kid to love Middle School. Ha ha.
Miles started 1st grade and going all day. He wasn't so sure about his teacher(since Sofia had been talking about how she had his teacher and didn't like her and that she was mean, which she wasn't)and didn't want to go. The first day he came home and said to me "Mom, guess what? My teacher is really nice"! Phew, I was so happy to hear those words and hear how happy he was. He has class with two friends, Maggie Noble and Ben Hawkins, both from church. He as well is still happy with his class and loves going. A big plus for Mark and I is that at night he's completely worn out and goes to be much better. Thank goodness. It was weird to not take photo's of all three kids on their first day of school. It was strange to not be there for Kiah's first day of school and to have her come home and tell us all about it. Now we talk on the phone and she tells us about school and all that goes along with it. Such changes in our home this year, from college aged, to middle school, to Miles going all day. It's going to be a great year and I'm excited to see the kids continue to grow.

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