Friday, October 1, 2010

Two weeks in Utah part uno

I can't possibly blog about everything we did in Utah and post photo's. That would take too long. Plus Mark is out of town on a hike, so I can't call him to figure out how to do what I want to do with this post. I'll try and get by on my own though. We spent two wonderful weeks in Utah, mainly in Logan visiting my parents. We were able to see family and friends during that time and also catch up with my parents who we hadn't seen in two years. With my foot surgery last year and being in a cast most of the summer we weren't able to visit them. Because of that we decided to spend two weeks in Logan. I said that already, sorry. It was a bit bittersweet because we also dropped Kiah off at school, so it was fun to be with her but sad to leave her. Here is a photo of all that we packed. We had to pack for us but also Kiah's stuff to drop off for school. We were jammed pack to say the least, oh and we had Hope with us. That was fun.
Now on to the trip. Here is a photo of my beautiful niece Kim and her nephew Alex (my nephew's son). Floating down Logan canal is a must. Miles and Sofia loved it. Here's Mark canoeing out at the marshes. We always spend a day or two with the Zollinger's out at the farm. I love this barn and so do the kids. Maybe if one of the Zollinger's read this, they can tell me how old the barn is? I know it's a Historical landmark but I can't remember when it was built. If you look real close you can see Sofia at the end. She's about to swing from a rope. The kids love it there. I wish this photo could truly grasp how beautiful of a night it was when we were driving past the Logan Temple (where Mark and I were married). It was a gorgeous summer night and the moon was breathtaking. The kids were griping about us going down memory lane while in Logan but they love to see the temple an finally gave us a break and didn't make fun of us. No trip to Logan is complete without a day spent at Bear Lake. The blue water, the raspberry shakes and tots with fry sauce. yum. Unfortunately the day we decided to go was so windy that we couldn't even play in the water. That didn't stop us from having fun though. The kids still waded in the water, we went to LaBeau's (where I worked and lived for a summer as a teenager) and took some great family photo's. Kiah and her tot dipped in fry sauce. Family shot that Mark was adamant to get. We celebrated Sofi's 11th Birthday in Ione,Idaho at Mark's aunt Marcia's house. I don't think it was her ideal birthday, she'd rather have been at home with friends but we made do with what we had. Plus we left the next morning to drive home and we left Kiah in Idaho. I think Sofi was a bit sad about that. Despite their complaining about each other, they are very close and Sofi really misses her big sister.

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