Wednesday, October 15, 2008

32 degrees ain't cold!

Mark took last Friday off work and Miles and I went with him to Mt. Rainier for the day. Friends like Jeanie helped with Sofi, and Kiah took care of Sofi after school, which allowed us to go. We were very appreciative. I was not appreciative that we had to leave around 7am but once we got up to visitor center and found out it was the opening ceremony for the new center I was glad to beat the crowd. I'm not one to wear a lot of layers. I'm normally a few degrees hotter than most people but I have to say that I was very grateful that Mark talked me into wearing layers that day. Miles had on the most layers and he still got cold. We parked at the visitor center and started on our hike up around Paradise. It's called that, I'm not just saying it's paradise(which it is, but without the warmth). We hiked a 2.7 round trip hike and were able to get up close to a glacier. It was beautiful.
Things not fun about it.
1. Miles slipped and fell really hard on a patch of ice(even though Mark told him to go around the ice)
2. It was straight uphill the whole way(no switchbacks), which meant steep downhill coming back (ouch on the knees)
3. A Ranger got mad at Miles when he stepped off the path onto the meadow, which he did to avoid the same patch of ice (that they should've chipped off or put rock salt on before people started hiking on)
4. Wished that Kiah and Sofia could have gone
Things wonderful about it.
1. Spent the day with Mark and Miles
2. Surrounded by beauty the whole day
3. Ate huckleberries while hiking
4. Threw rocks in a river for a long time with Miles and watched him have a huge grin on his face
5. Had a yummy dinner in Enumclaw on the way home


One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

What a great day!

Mark said...

It was a great day Stac. I am glad we had the opportunity and such great weather.

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