Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Meme to another!

Deb W. tagged me with a Meme, which to be honest I had to look up to see what that even meant. Duh. It's been a long week! A meme can be a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from one person to another. You've got to love the internet and blogs. I love blogs because it gives me a chance to read peoples thoughts that maybe they don't share all the time in a conversation in person. It can be quick thoughts we jot down in a hurry, or even thoughts we take a lot of time pondering about. What I love is that what might be jibberish or something boring to the person writing it, can be uplifting, funny and touching to the one reading it. I love blogs. I can catch up on friends lives, see photo's and feel closer to family that live far away. I am suppose to post the fourth photo in the fourth folder in my pictures file. This is the fourth photo in my folder.
It's not current and it's really out of place but I'm kind of glad it's the one that popped up because I love it. Miles and Sofi are asleep in our bed. Miles is so chunky here, I miss that. He has to be around 2, which makes Sofi about 6. Miles still sleeps like this. On his back, but he usually has his hands tucked behind his head. I love that Sofi is snuggled up to him. In the day they don't always get along. It's nice to see this photo and see how peaceful they look by each other, that's not always the case. When is it always that way with siblings though? I love this photo. It brings back sweet memories. Thanks Deb. I tag Mark, Amanda and Amy.

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Shellee said...

So cute! These two are adorable. We played pictionary in primary yesterday and miles kept cracking up...which made the rest of us giggle, his laugh is contagious.