Friday, October 31, 2008

"Every party has a pooper and that's why we invited you"

This Halloween brings back a memory of Mark and I's first Halloween together. We lived in Wymount in Provo and our church was having a Halloween party, the party I don't even remember. It's what came before the party that is the memory. I had been to a few Halloween parties in my day and knew what parties were suppose to be like and that one dresses up for parties. I did what any person in Utah does when trying to find a costume and is a bit stumped. I went to the D.I. I bought clothes for me, some polyester 70's dress and for Mark polyester pants and jacket. There were accessories as well. We were going to look good together.
I had long hair then, past my shoulders. I know that might be a surprise to a lot of people that have only known me with short hair. It's true though.
I will try to find some good long hair photo's for you. I found this lovely photo. Not me of course but my hair was ratted that big. I went home, got dressed, ratted my hair up like no other and set off to pick Mark up at BYU. I pulled up to our normal pick up spot. I picked him up after work and classes. I sat in the car and watched him walk towards the car not really paying attention to me (which he should have)but only seeing the car. Mark opened the door, stuck one leg in looked at me and said "oh, I'm so sorry. wrong car." He then went to step out and shut the door. We had an old Toyota corolla, no power windows in that car (we didn't even have heat much less power windows). I had to reach over and roll down the window to let him know it was me. The look on his face was priceless. I so wish I'd had a camera then. The party ended up being boring. What was I thinking, it was Wymount. I would do it all again though to see Mark's face. He was embarrassed and that hasn't happened much in our marriage. The embarrassing moments are left up to me. Tease Mark next time you see him. Ask him if he's gotten into a car with a strange woman on Halloween night recently!!! Oh, sorry my party pooper reference is because Mark wouldn't dress up with me for the party. He never has and never will. It's not his thing. Big party pooper!!

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Mark said...

:) I remember this well. And yes I don't like to dress up, just ain't my thing.