Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To tot or not to tot?

While staying at Bear Lake we had to go to LaBeau's for food and shakes. One of our favorite things to get are their tater tots and fry sauce. We haven't been able to find fry sauce outside of Utah. It's kind of funny to be honest, it's a Utah thing. When the Winter Olympics were in Utah there was even a collectors pin that had green jello and fry sauce on it. Funny. We have found that if you ask for onion ring sauce at red robin it's pretty much the same as fry sauce in Utah. Try it, it's good. The older we get and the less fries we consume, the less we crave fry sauce. Yet.....when we go to Utah we give in and dunk to our hearts content! Oh, one more place with yummy fry sauce and probably my all time favorite and for two reasons. The training table. I love it because 1)you order your food from a phone at your table and 2)guacamole bacon burgers! Yum. They do have yummy fries and yummy fry sauce. I might sound like I eat fries a lot. Really I don't, nor do I eat tater tots. Except in Utah when the coveted fry sauce is around and it's free. Yum, takes me back.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely tot, but only if you have fry sauce. ;)