Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turquoise Water and Raspberry Shakes

One of my favorite places to go to as a teenager in the summer was Bear Lake. One summer a group of friends and I would go up every Thursday in the morning and stay all day. We would take lunch and a cassette player (because yes I am old) and we Swimming At Youwould stay all day until it got dark and then head back to Logan. Another summer I lived there while working at La Beau's drive'In. A friend of my parents owns La Beau's and I think my parents wanted to get me away from some friends of mine so they sent me there to work. :) I would work for 5 days then on the night of the 5th day Renee La Beau would take myself and another girl back to Logan that also had the day off. We would spend that night at our parents, then the next and on the morning of the second day she would pick us up at 7am and drive us back to Bear Lake and so on. It was a great summer. I made a lot of money for a teenager, had fun at Bear Lake and got really tan (which let's face it, was important in the 80's). Now when we come back to Logan to visit family we always go over to Bear Lake and stay overnight. The water is so low and there are more cabin's than there use to be, but other than that it's still the same. I love the first view when you come around the bend after Sunrise campground. I see that blue with Turquoise in the middle and I can't wait to go swimming in it. I am the SandmanThen we drive down to Garden City and I see La Beau's and I know eventually we will go get a raspberry shake and I'll get a turkey avocado sandwich. My kids love playing in the lake, it's not too cold for them since they are use to cold lakes living in Washington. I like that it's shallow for a long time and I don't have to worry about the kids safety. They don't go out very far. We just went there this weekend with my parents and the kids. My mom asked me if I thought the kids would still go to bear lake on their own after they are gone (my parents)? If I thought they would bring their kids there? I think they will. It's not a commercialized place, yet it's fun and breathtaking. It's peaceful for parents and fun for kids. It holds memories for Mark and I and we are creating memories with our kids now at Bear Lake. I hope they want to do these things when they are older and have kids of their own. I hope they have good memories that they want to continue carrying on and sharing. Did I happen to mention I love Bear Lake?

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Heather Chamberlain said...

You worked at La Beau's!!! You've automatically achieved star status. I had no idea. What a great place. I love Bear Lake. We spent every Girls Camp there in my teenage years and it's very dear to my heart. Enjoy!